Why visit Rimini

Why visit Rimini?

The colours of Borgo San Giuliano, the tales of the ancient monuments, the piadina on the beach… Delve into the city streets and beaches and discover why Rimini deserves a visit.

Vivacity and culture

From Fellini to ancient Rome

Rimini has been at the core of its hinterland for centuries. Romans made it the starting point of the via Emilia, which crossed the whole region, and built arches and bridges of plain and harmonious beauty. Sigismondo Malatesta, the lord of the city in the 15th century, had an impressive castle and a temple built, to fulfill the dream of classical art. Today these monuments create pathways between through the streets and across the centuries, telling thousand different tales. Besides the life of the nobles there was the life of the ordinary people, like the doctor who owned the Domus of the Surgeon, or the fishermen who lived in the small houses of Borgo San Giuliano. Federico Fellini loved this part of the city: today his movies are remembered by the great graffitis that decorate the houses.

Borgo San Giuliano

It has been the quarter of the fishermen and sailors from Rimini ever since year 1000. Today it is one of the most beloved city areas, thanks to its lanes and colorful houses, made more and more beautiful by the graffitis devoted to Federico Fellini.

Domus of the Surgeon

The archaeological excavations have brought to the light the house of a doctor of the 2nd century, with mosaic decorations, which have remained whole.

Darsena, the dock

It is the perfect place for a promenade between the seaside and the land, along pedestrian ways, from which you can admire a unique view. You can also enjoy discovering different night clubs, that illuminate the dockyard from the sunset on.

Flavors of Romagna

Rimini is the right place to discover flavors and aromas of the cuisine of Romagna: from the oily fish of the Adriatic Sea to the piadina, and again fresh pasta and the hill wines. You can taste the specialties of our fish cuisine with your feet in the sand, in one of the many pubs on the beach of Rimini, while the colorful kiosks prepare the typical local piadina everyday. On the hills the more defined flavors of charcuterie and pit cheese await you… Perfect to accompany a tasting of Sangiovese wine!

Romagnole piadina

Piadina is one of the region’s culinary symbols. Giovanni Pascoli even dedicated a poem to it: you can taste it everywhere and dress it with many different ingredients. In Rimini the piada is thin, prepared by working flour and water into dough.