Montefeltro for you to discover

A border land, crossed by pilgrims, émigrés and powerful lords: the charm of the past combines with the dream landscapes of the hills, creating the Montefeltro area for you to discover.

On a journey between thousand tales

Itineraries in Montefeltro

The paths on the hills of Montefeltro will lead you to the discovery of famous and forgotten tales, on the footprints of the ancient dynasty that dominated over these territories. The center of its power was Urbino, where Duke Federico had a palace built that looks as if it had come right out of a fantasy book: here, the harmony of classical art and the original inventions of the Renaissance architects are combined. Montefeltro has always been a border land, disputed among powerful families between the Middle Ages and the Re naissance. The landmarks of its history can be found in the castles that dominate over the hills, to the defense of the valleys: from the Belforte fortress to the Isauro and the one of Sassocorvaro with its turtle shape. Todays, fortresses are surrounded by the silence of the hills, looking out to dream landscapes.

The San Leo fort

The fortress stands on a steep rock spur, to the defence of hills and valleys. Young Federico from Montefeltro climbed its walls during a siege; centuries later, the earl of Cagliostro, accused of heresy, was shut in the fortress.

The Ducal Palace of Urbino

The Palace was built upon the orders of Duke Federico from Montefeltro, whose court was attended by artists and intellectuals. In the halls the dream of reviving classical art and the original visions of the Renaissance architects unite.


It is a masterpiece of military architecture of the Renaissance, conceived by architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini. Its weird turtle shape had to fight off the enemies’ assaults, thanks to the curved surgaces and the sinuous shapes.

Border places

When travelling through Montefeltro, you cannot absolutely miss San Leo: its fortress, built on the void, will leave you speechless. It was long disputed between Malatestas and Montefeltroes, besides being the prison of charming personalities such as the earl of Cagliostro. The landscape you can admire from the walls ravishes tourists for its beauty, to the point that Piero della Francesca painted it in its works. Other unique places include the fortress of Sassocorvaro, with its strange turtle shape, and the towers of San Marino, symbols of Republican freedom.

The Fortress of Fairy tales

The ancient Fortress of Sant’Agata Feltria today hosts a special museum, all devoted to fairy tales: kids and adults can travel in the realm of fantasy, among items and characters of the most beloved stories.