Hotel Domus Mea - Cattolica
Hotel with typical cuisine in Cattolica

Our hotel with typical cuisine in Cattolica offers the choice between two first and two seconds, every day the opportunity to choose a plate of fresh fish, vegetable buffet and appetizers. Even children are welcome, we offer them a special menu dedicated to them, available on request, with rich foods and nutrients suitable for your children, such as pastines, vegetable soups, vegetable and meat broths.

Every day we offer fruit or sorbet for lunch and in the evening for dinner a dessert in the hotel with typical cuisine in Cattolica, where gastronomy is our strong point. In hotel with typical cuisine in Cattolica abWe offer various culinary specialties that you can choose from every day, we try to delight your palate with the cuisine of our territory.

From us in the hotel with typical cuisine in Cattolica you will find an excellent full board, with breakfast that is every morning very rich and varied with fruit juices, cakes, cakes and homemade cookies, but also bread, cheese and cold cuts. We therefore advise you to choose hotel with full board in Cattolica for your holiday, We are a hotel with typical cuisine in Cattolica who prepares fresh and genuine meals every day respecting the Romagna tradition.
We are a hotel con cucina tipica Cattolica a few meters from the sea, in an excellent position for a relaxing and carefree holiday.
If you are interested in a hotel for cyclists in Cattolica, the best choice is the Domus Mea, great landing for those who love cycling and those who want the well-being of a hotel with typical cuisine in Cattolica.